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Cell Near Death

So for no apparent reason my cell's screen has gotten stuck on a blue screen (go ahead say it..."of death!") and is also stuck on silent. I cannot read texts or look up people's # to call them outside my preset people. If you need to get in touch call me and leave a message so I can reply to you. Thanks.


My friends in the local chapter of US Men National Soccer Team's supporters group, the American Outlaws needed to come up with a logo for their chapter a few months back.

Here's what they came up with:

That guy look familiar to you?

T-shirts available on their website.

Hilarious, right?


Me and Tom Baker

Tonight at the Brattle, 9:30 PM, "The Talons Of Weng Chiang" episode of the best Doctor Who, his Doctorness Tom Baker. It's 5 bucks. Be there. I will.


Hey folks, haven't checked back onto the LJ in a long time and didn't realize I was posting stuff from Blip.fm here! Mea maxima maxima maxima culpa.
@raiopositronico Here's another good one.
...and the children of the Shoes.
Power pop done to perfection
Not the 70s British band (also known as Little Bo Bitch) or the Texas blues/rock act but a fake band formed a Swedish book.
Before Dexy's Midnight Runners, Kevin Roland sang for this band. Great stuff.